Mandatory items:

– A functional mountain bike (hire can be organised for an additional $60.
– Helmet (open or full face)
– Comfortable riding clothes – padded shorts will be your friend!
– Closed-toe shoes
– Full water bottle or bladder backpack

Optional items:

– Riding gloves
– Elbow and knee pads
– Spare tube, tyre levers and pump
– Sunscreen & insect repellent
– Aus Cycling membership – including personal accident insurance coverage.  A free trial is available if you haven’t had a membership in the last 3 years.

Sugar Bag Mountain Bike Park, Sugar Bag Road, Caloundra.  Look out for the All Ride MTB green skills flag which will be positioned near the grass oval area in front of the car park. 

We suggest arriving 10-15 minutes prior to your lesson time to prepare.  If you are running late, please call Jo on 0449 293 008.

Most of us think that as we learnt to ride a bike as a kid we can ride a mountain bike on a mountain bike trail, but there is a difference.

A ‘trail’ is normally a dedicated path or trail through a scenic location. The surface is paved, dirt or gravel and is often dual use.

Mountain biking is usually done on specifically built single, off-road tracks, usually graded green (easiest) through to double black (extreme).

By investing in a skills session you will learn the fundamental skills which you will use each and every time you ride.

Our hopes are you overcome any fears that might be limiting you and become a more confident and safer rider as a result.

You don’t need to have the latest and most expensive bike to give mountain biking a try.

Any of these types are bikes are suitable.

– Rigid – a standard mountain bike with no front or rear suspension
– Hardtail – has front suspension only.
– Dual suspension – has front and rear suspension

If you don’t have a bike we can organise hardtail bike hire for you at a cost of $60.

No. While a base level of fitness is beneficial, we will ride to your capability.  Naturally, the more you ride the fitter you will get.

We’d all like it to be that easy, remember YouTube only shows you the nailed-it footage and not the progression and practice required.  When you combine all of the fundamental skills you learn it will set you up to be able to tackle features and jumps. 

If there is something specific you want to improve on, allocated 15 minutes pre or post-ride to focus purely on it and you’ll be amazed by the results.

Matt Wilkins from Mountain Bike Coaching Australia, who also operates at Sugar Bag, is excellent and has a development squad.